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The whole programme of skilled visas of Australia is known as the Skilled Migration programme. Do you have any employer ready to sponsor you? If no and you have the meticulous skills which are required in Australia, then independent or other sponsored skilled visa options are accessible for you. You must satisfy certain criteria to get the visa to live in Australia permanently or temporarily.

The step-by-step visa process is like…

Stage 1 - Preliminary examination

We will gather thorough information about you and your circumstances. Then our Principal Migration Consultant will examine your case circumstances to find out the best visa option on hand for you.

Stage 2 - Skills assessment

You must have a skills assessment done successfully by a relevant authority before you proceed to other step. We will help you to prepare your skills assessment application by filling the forms, guide you about the required documentation, collate all the documents in proper way and submit your application before the assessing authority. We will monitor the progress of your application and follow-up when require.

Stage 3 - Expression of Interest

An application need to be submitted to the Immigration Department to express intention to migrate to Australia. This will generate database with Immigration Department and the department will select candidates from this database and will invite them to apply visa.

Stage 4 - Nomination / Sponsorship application

Get nomination / sponsorship from Australian state / territory or your relative if you need to do so. We will assist you in each and every matter to get success for you.

Stage 5 - Invitation from Immigration and Visa application

You will be notified about the invitation from Immigration Department. Then only visa can be applied. We will help you to prepare your visa application by filling the internet forms, guide you about the required documentation, collate all the documents in proper way and submit your application before the Immigration Department. Furthermore, we will advise you about any factors which may have any positive effect on your application to increase the prospects of your application. We will look after the progress of your application and follow-up when, where and how it is necessary to act.

Stage 6 - What will you do now? NOTHING!!!!!!

We will constantly monitor the progress of your application and will keep you informed about the progress of your application until the final decision is made by the case officer.


Australia issues student visa to overseas students who wants to study in Australia. This programme allows International students to come to Australia and study full time registered courses. Students choose Australia for further study because the student can apply for permanent or temporary residence visa after completing the study and satisfying certain criteria.

GAMC assist you to get enrolment from an education institution in Australia. There are many courses available for international student to be enrolled in. Australia is the most popular destination for international students because Australian visa programme offers to apply permanent or temporary residence visa after successfully completion of their study and by satisfying certain criteria, and the costs of study is relatively lower than in USA, Canda and UK. Thousands of students have got their permanent/temporary residence visa through this pathway and many of them are citizens of Australia now.

You can select the city or any regional area of your choice to study in Australia such as: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Ballarat, Geelong, Gold Coast, and many more.

You can choose to study a course ranging from any trade qualification to higher degree university program (masters with research and PhD). We can help you to get enrolment in any course of your choice such as: Accounting, Engineering, Management, Marketing, Arts, I. T. courses (networking, web design, graphic design etc), Beauty therapy, Hairdressing and salon management, Cookery, Patisserie, Automotive (motor mechanic and auto-electrician), etc.

GAMC helps you to apply the student visa also. We will monitor the progress of your student visa application and keep you informed until final decision is taken.

You will also be entitled to get the benefits of our pre-departure services and post-landing services. If you are in any hesitation after arriving at Australia, you can contact us for further guidance.


If you are thinking to apply any of the family stream visas available in the Australian visa programme, GAMC can assist you in selecting the best available visa option after carefully considering your circumstances and will act on your behalf to submit the visa application and monitor the progress until final decision is made.

We can examine your each circumstance cautiously for applying any parent visa (including contributory visa options) and consider the family balance test vigilantly to assist you to apply the parent visa. The family balance test is the key criterion in parent visa application.

If you are looking to apply spouse visa (fiancé visa, permanent visa, provisional visa, etc); we can assist you to select the best visa to apply and can act on your behalf to prepare, submit and monitor your visa application with the Immigration Department.

We do assist you to apply for child visa for your child also.


Visiting Australia is a great experience and excellent memory to keep in mind for life. There are lots of touring places surrounding Australia to see and memorise for life.

Tourist visitor visa is for people who wish to visit Australia for holiday, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, to visit relatives, friends or for other short-term non-work purposes. You can not stay beyond the visa limit and can not work for any reason, even non-remunerated. You can apply for visitor visa if you wish to visit your family living in Australia and wish to have a great tour of the unimaginable places of Australia.

We are here for you to act on your behalf with the Immigration Department to select the best visa option and prepare, submit and monitor your application.

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