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Gold-Australia Migration Consultants - GAMC - is engaged in Australian Visa Process assistance and representations to related authorities and Immigration Department. GAMC is being lead by Mr. Umangkumar B. Patel, who is a well qualified professional in Australian Immigration Law.

Currently, we are assisting and representing a wide range of people to apply an extensive range of visas such as Skilled Migration Visa (Permanent Residence / Temporary Residence), State Government Nomination Application, Relative Sponsorship application, Employer Nomination, Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme application, Student Visa, Spouse visa, Parents Visa, Child Visa, Visitor Visa, etc.

Since the inception, GAMC has developed habit to produce great quality work with precision; whatever the quantity is. And that's why…… successes always looking for us. We do not need to claim anything about our success ratio and likewise. Our clients and their visa speak about it.

We have tremendous track record of good ethical and professional practice while acting rapidly in the interest of our clients. People have been benefiting from our fully professional services in providing assistance and representations for Australian Visa.


Skilled Migration

GAMC has fired up its operations with Skilled Migration visa categories in February 2007. Currently, we are providing assistance and make representations in all Skilled Migration visa categories to the skilled people for migrating to Australia.

We are providing high level of attention and excellent professional services to make a positive shift to your application and ultimately, to your lives. Yes, we are actively working for "changing lives…… through migration".

We offer the chance to find out whether you would qualify for applying any visa to Australia; and the most important thing is we provide this service blatantly at NO COST. Your details (these details are being kept fully confidential) are being checked and assessed by our qualified Principal Migration Consultant for your eligibility, before proceeding to any application.

Our comprehensive assistance includes assessment to be done with relevant assessing authority which is an essential requirement for skilled visa categories. We are offering assistance to you to apply for skills assessment to many authorities including but not limited to TRA, VETASSESS, Engineers Australia, IPA, CPAA, ICAA, ACS, AIM, APharmC, AIMS, MBA, AACA, AIR and many others.

We also help you to apply for state or territory sponsorship/nomination for applying visa under the provisions of some sponsored/nominated visa categories.

We are offering our services to you if you have your relative in Australia and ready to sponsor you under certain provisions of some visa categories.
Our services are on hand for you if you consider applying visa under any temporary or permanent visa category of Skilled Migration program, run by the Immigration Department of Australia.

Family Migration

If you are looking to apply any visa from parent visa categories, we offer you our assistance to choose the best option. There should be many options available. We find the best way to proceed in your circumstances. The definition of 'family balance test' is very intricate and may produce a different meaning then what you believe and understand. We make it easy for you to decide the correct visa option and make it smooth to apply the visa.

We are offering our services to you if you wish to apply any visa from spouse or fiancé visa category also.

Somehow, if your child has not got visa along with you, we can assist you to apply child visa for your child.

Employer Sponsored

The most important and complicated visas are Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) visas. Yes, our services are available to you, if you have an employer who can sponsor/nominate you.

Student Visa

We help prospective international students who wish to study in Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK. GAMC assist you to get enrolment from an education institution. You can select the city or any regional area of your choice and the field of study (the course). You can choose to study a course ranging from any trade qualification to higher degree university program. We can help you to get enrolment in any course i.e. Cookery, Patisserie, I. T. courses (networking, web design, etc), Automotive (motor mechanic, auto-electronics mechanic and auto-electrician), Accounting, Management, Marketing, Arts, Engineering, Beauty therapy, Hairdressing etc. GAMC helps you to apply the student visa also. We will monitor the progress of your student visa application and keep you informed where necessary to do so, until final decision is taken.

Visitor Visa

GAMC can assist to the prospective visitors of Australia also to apply the visitor visa under any visitor visa category such as tourist visitor, sponsored visitor, business visitor etc. including short stay and long stay visas.

Business Visa
We help Business owners to apply under one of the business visa categories. We help them in choosing the best option for them, apply the visa and then monitor the application until final decision. We also organise business tour of Australia for our clients if they wish to.

Pre-departure Information Sessions

The most important matter for our clients is our pre-departure and post-landing services. We try our level best to provide our clients the information about the legal and working situations in Australia to get them settles down with fewer complications. We organize pre-departure information sessions in order to provide our clients the information to arrive and settle in Australia.


We are exceptionally equipped to achieve our towering targets. We are a dedicated team of professionals who are working together at level best for the interest of our clients. We ensure rigorous procedures done ethically and honestly in the interests of our clients. We are entirely committed to provide services with great accuracy and following the professional ethics.

We are dedicated to work in the best interests of our clients.

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